This beautiful Multi-site website for sale. S400.00


Multi-site enabled WordPress 4.7 website running the ‘Grow’ theme. Has 12 other themes including My Red Ferrari, Revolution Church and Revolution Church as a child theme. Add more themes anytime!

Can be used to support multiple WordPress based websites with multiple domain names (capability here for several more websites in other words). This website was used as a testbed for another client and and has been running for quite some time.

With the addition of a E-Commerce Plugin this website can handle E-commerce for your online store and/or affiliate ads etc. depending on your plans. A CRM can be added easily if you need a Contact Relationship Manager (I recommend Sugar CRM).

Can also be enhanced with widgets such as Facebook, additional content, ads, etc.

Comes with this domain and a second domain, All the website you’ll ever need.

Terms: I’ll transfer and renew the two domains to a new account and prepay 6 months of hosting. I’ll then install the site on the new host. You may also request one of more email addresses on your domains at that time.

$400.00 pays for installation and setup as described above with support over the first 60 days. Additional support available if needed but once the site is running you probably won’t need further support.